Apple believes in innovation and they do end up launching something which is often attractive enough to create waves around the planet. Be it the iPhones, the iPods or the iPads; all have been successful enough for people to dream about owing one of them (or even all three). Now (as expected) its time for iTV, speculation is currently booming that Apple TV might be coming to an end and iTV is what might be replacing it. The only difference this time will be that such televisions have already hit the market in plenty. TV sets with apps that make the idiot box a lot more than TV is just awesome. Samsung has Android based TVs and so has Google.
Considering the fact that people out their have already seen so many of these app based TVs it just won’t be easy for Apple to come up with something which is totally unique but at the end of the day it is the brand which matters or is it?
Apple ended up selling around 3 million iPads in just around a month but that was a device which was highly attractive and people had so much to do with it. We are pretty sure that iTV (if this is what Apple calls it) will surely be attractive enough but televisions cover such a huge area that you just cannot think about all the requirements in just one box. It will be interesting to see what Steve’s army does with their format of TV.