BenQ has come up with a new camcorder from nowhere. We did not get any leaks nor were we introduced to any hints from BenQ regarding the upcoming launch but it is final. BenQ has launched a camcorder that will be tagged as DV S11. The upcoming model comes in colorful designs and small size thus making it easy to handle during day to day shoots.
The upcoming BenQ model comes loaded with 5 mega pixel camera and the 1/3.2 inches CMOS sensor that will help the camcorder capture videos of 1080p. The camcorder will have 10 shooting modes which will help the general user to concentrate more on shooting rather than understand various settings. You can go ahead and start shooting instantly.
The best part about this camcorder is its pico projector that will help its users to present the videos or presentations loaded in its internal memory instantly at any place without even waiting to transfer the same first to a computer for proper viewing.