China made mobile phones are those cloned phones from famous mobile phone carriers. In the Philippines. china made mobile phones are very common and very popular, every electronics store has it, why? because its price and availability has leveled those of popular phone carriers. And even from the poor can afford to buy those cheap phones. But it does not end there, majority of these people does not even know what they're buying are cloned phones from china, and bragging up their phones like those of originals. I had bought these phones earlier this year and within months, the phone itself  is very fragile and frequent drops are sufficient to crack those cheaply made touchscreens.
And also I've noticed that the video recording capability is in very low quality and the video itself is in low definition. And after one year of using, the phone is now dead. But if you think, your on low in budget, then you might think buying those in online stores would not be in a hassle.