It seems that folks from Google are in the holiday spirit, they’re doing some charity work with their latest extension for Chrome. This extension is called Chrome for a Cause and it tracks the number of the tabs that you’re opening.

The more tabs you open the more money will go to the charity on behalf of the Chrome community. In fact, Chrome community has decided to donate one million dollars to various causes, and the amount of money that will be donated is determined by the number of opened tabs on your Chrome browser.
This app tracks up to 250 opened tabs per user, and at the end of each day, users can submit their score to Google and participate in this project that way. According to Google for each 10 tabs that you open, you’ll help one tree to be planted or get a single book published and donated. For 25 tabs, you’ll provide one vaccination treatment, and for 100 or 200 tabs, you’ll provide 1 square foot of shelter or one year supply of clean water for a single person.