All of us know that Super Mario is the most popular game character in the world, but what about from the Super Mario franchise?  It seems that Yoshi will be getting his share of popularity ,as well, today we've got a nice little thing from Yoshi's fans.


Yoshi was Mario's sidekick in several Super Mario games and he has started in several games a main character. After years being a trusty steed, and yesterday Yoshi got his own steed out of metal, Donald aka kodykoala has managed to create Yoshi's own robotic steed that will be used by Yoshi.
his steed is actually a metal replica of Yoshi and although it doesn’t have a tongue, it looks quite impressive. This metal Yoshi has a lot of detail, and speaking of detail, it even has a small Yoshi inside his mouth behind the control panel. Overall, this is impressive Yoshi robot, and we can only say that Donald aka Kodykoala did an amazing job.