The Primo Power Core is “Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad” Apple certified. Use the Primo with nearly all your Apple devices including iPad’s, iPhone’s and iPod’s. The Primo Power Core is one of the only Battery packs which support Apples high input 2.1 Amp charging technology for the iPad. Get your devices charged and ready faster with the Primo Power Core!
The iPhone sized battery pack can charge your iPod and even your iPhone or the Blackberry smartphone. The list of gadgets doesn’t seem to end at iPhone itself as the super Primo Power Core can charge your iPad and even some of the netbooks. To summarize, the Primo Power Core can charge literally anything that it can connect to via a USB cable.
The LED meter keeps you updated about the amount of power left and the charger battery can be bought for $99.95 only which is considerable price for what all this device does.